Belgium, °1978
Lives and works in Antwerp

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Base-Alpha Gallery, Michèle Matyn

Schmerzhaufchen 2010

Rockeye 2011

Elephant Seal 2010


Don't Talk To Me, Don't Talk 2010

Hass des Hasses 2010

Happy Mountain 2010

4.Ouragan iam mai-®Mich+¿le Matyn 2010-w700-h422

2.God is a Deejay-®Mich+¿le Matyn 2010-w700-h422

Carried By Sticks, more out of belief than out of danger performance M HKA 2012

Procession of Lucien Desert Performance Secondroom 2010

Procession of Lucien Desert performance Secondroom 2010

Bivak Gloria 2008