Belgium, °1978
Lives and works in Antwerp

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Barked Twig 2012

Hutsul I 2010

Rockeye 2011

Schmerzhaufchen 2010 Elephant Seal 2010


Don't Talk To Me, Don't Talk 2010

Procession of Lucien Desert Performance Secondroom 2010Procession of Lucien Desert performance Secondroom 2010

Hutsul II 2010

Hass des Hasses 2010Happy Mountain 2010

Carried By Sticks, more out of belief than out of danger performance M HKA 2012

4.Ouragan iam mai-®Mich+¿le Matyn 2010-w700-h422

2.God is a Deejay-®Mich+¿le Matyn 2010-w700-h422

Bivak Gloria 2008